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SAP Hana

TDI infrastructure requirements were overly rigid

The rigid infrastructure requirements for the SAP HANA platform caused challenges with the deployment.

SAP Hana

BW on HANA is a multi step process but the gains are real.

The SAP team has many good resources but the team changed often and project management wasn't the best. They changed project managers and didn't really define all the requirements from us, the customer, prior to starting the project.

SAP Hana

Implemented in 6 months but architecture and design paid the price.

The vendor was able to deliver the environment within 6 months but there are a lot of holes to fill. The architecture design was not well thought out and we are having to go back and resolve these issues. No forward thinking was involved when the environment was setup causing additional maintenance/outages to resolve these misses.

SAP Hana

SAP HANA is Ready for Business

Implementing SAP HANA was fairly straight forward with the help of implementation vendor. It was part of a S4 implementation and supported by SAP's Chief Customer Office. We were given preferential support treatment, weekly meetings, and invited to take part in the SAP HANA Executive Advisory Council. At one point just after go live we encountered a crucial software error in closing the books. The SAP team worked around the clock to find the source of the problem and produced a patch to solve it in a reasonable timeframe. I chose HANA for the speed and the investment in the future. SAP made the price attractive, being on parity with other high end database offerings.

SAP Hana

Virtualization sounds nice, but not always practically possible

The data virtualization capability is very low, in the end we copied the data to HANA enterprise anyhow not making use of the virtualization because the speed of the in-memory columnar storage is addictive or because data virtualization was technically not possible, copying the data was the only alternative, the cost of storing data in HANA is gigantic and therefore we are looking for other alternatives.