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EVault Cloud Disaster Recovery

Implementing offline disaster recovery

We used Carbonite to backup all of our servers, especially for offline storage of our data. Also, server settings so that in a case of disaster, easy to recover.

Evault (E2)

Ease Of Use And Flexibility On Scalable Size.

Great people to work with and assisted up in every aspect.


Great offsight backup solution

My husband had to recover some files and it was very easy. Overall, I really like that they backup overnight every night, and I feel like my data is secure.

EVault Cloud Disaster Recovery

Great to have and hope you never need it!

So easy to implement in our already structured IT environment. The ability to access our data from the cloud in case of a disaster really helps ease the minds of the decision makers of my company (including me). Here in Houston we aren't exactly known for our great weather and have had our share of hurricane outages that have affected our business before. We appreciate and fully trust carbonite's wide range of products to do a great service to our company in whole.