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EMC Isilon OneFS

Isilon the path of beta

The implementation of Isilon has overall been successful, however the neverending "That will be fixed in the next update" stream has the team very frustruated. The product, and many that EMC delivers, seems to be on a constant state of beta testing and the testers are the customers. Given the price tag of the solution we wouldn't expect such a situation. We've also found many cases of applications and other instances of technology that Isilon is not compatible with.

EMC Isilon OneFS

Great solution but it has to fit your best use cases fully before selecting it.

The overall relationship with Dell/EMC was really valuable but the use case of this solution in our environment was not the best one and could have been reconsidered if more thorough analysis was done to evaluate this solution vs. others.

EMC Isilon OneFS

Good Products, Good relationship.

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