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Cisco AMP for Endpoints

Implementaion was fairly smooth, had a few issues, but managable

Overall experience was good. Experienced some trouble getting connectivity to the cloud through our firewall due to the number of IP addresses needed to allow communication. Also, don't like the idea that client updates require a reboot of client system.

Cisco AMP for Endpoints

AMP...easy as it gets

Very Easy to configure and implement, both the admin piece as well as the end user AMP client. Also, supersimple to create groups, white/black lists, exemptions, etc...

Cisco AMP for Endpoints

Advanced malware protection is an understatement!

Our implementation of AMP for Endpoints was assisted with knowledgable support staff from Cisco which was represented in our problem free go-live.

Cisco AMP for Endpoints

Good technology and still evolving.

Cisco has always been easy to work with but difficult to always bring together disperate portions of the organization. The technology works as advertized and we are satisfied with the solution.

Cisco AMP for Endpoints

Cisco AMP Endpoint - best bang for the buck for an anti-malware anti ransomware anti phish

Cisco AMP Endpoint is the only anti-malware out there that does a retrospective alert. That meant that when a file came into the environment, it was checked to be clean, but later on (a few hours to days to weeks), it is tagged as malicious. I have not seen any other products that do that. They also publish the Time to Detect value. It fluctuates from teens to single digit hours over the years, which tells you that Cisco is doing a great job of working on new malware. They also published the fact that they have 250 researchers on threats and once a customer says in South Korea gets hit with a malware variant, and is reported sent to Cisco ThreatGrid Cloud for sandboxing, that results is pushed to all customers over a span of minutes to hours. They also have an EDR feature to track what a malicious file does, PowerShell execution, and how pervasive it is on all PCs in your environment. It has an IOC search if there was a hash you need to look for to remediate a breach.