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Impressive cababilities. Developers that listen. We like their vision and roadmap.

I've worked with EndGame engineers for a number of years in my current and past organizations. Their level of expertise and knowledge in the software they create are world class. When I heard two years ago they were implementing their endpoint solution, we asked to begin using it as soon as it became available. We use EndGame to observe troubled systems/users and have rolled it out within our enterprise to give us visibility.


Hunting for Threats with Endgame

Our Security Operations Center is positioned in a way that endpoint management is not possible on a day to day basis. Given the way threats exist in the current cyber security environment, we required a tool that allowed us to actively hunt for threats in our customer's environments. Endgame is an endpoint protection tool that doesn't focus on the same aspect that many endpoint tools do. This tool is about watching for threats in an environment, without actively alerting the intruder that you are watching. This feature separates it from other products in the marketplace and allows my team to find and irradicate complete threats, instead of just the visible portion of the attack.