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SentinelOne Next Generation Endpoint Protection

Legacy OS not supported out of the box but added in good time

Vendor support was excellent. we have a lot of legacy systems on older Windows operating systems. Out of the box, these OS' were not supported but we have been given a legacy version of this endpoint agent tailored specifically for us. We have worked closely with the vendor on this and they have been fully supportive and understanding of the requirements of our organization.

SentinelOne Next Generation Endpoint Protection

Great managment but lacking in protection

The admin interface and forensics auditing is great! Unfortunately reporting is very limited and the actual agent didn't block a whole lot. In testing I was able to fully infect a machine with year old malware that even Windows Defender was able to block. The agent on the test machine, while detecting the executable as malware, was unable to block the execution of the file, nor was it able to remediate it. This happened on several cases. Built-in Windows Defender was able to block all of the test malware as well as other endpoint vendors. I love the enterprise management but lacks in real world protection. I will be going with another vendor.