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Absolute DDS

Implementation was easy and reporting of equipment.

Pulling reports of existing equipment in a easy user portal.

Absolute DDS

Works as expected

Product has enabled us to recover a number of stolen items

Absolute DDS

its great

Exprience is good with Vendor

Absolute DDS

Great tool, but test before deployment

There were a couple of issues that were experienced that were not disclosed by the vendor. Certain firmware versions of Dell machines were susceptible to BSOD when the product was installed.

Absolute DDS

Implementation was easy, but was not as cost effective as first thought.

While this vendor was selected based on their stability in the market, they have changed their focus over the past year and added value in some areas and detracted in others. The contract was done through a 3rd party, would recommend working directly with the vendor in the future.

Absolute DDS

They are shoring up customer relationship management now, a bit late.

They are shoring up customer relationship management now, a bit late, but better than never. The actual vendor relationship was with the reseller. It was supposed to be implemented via our third party IT operations provider. Someone somehow missed connections and the product was not implemented to the fullest capacity, which is unfortunate. We became aware of the situation only recently, 3 years after the initial purchase. So the desktop reseller, 3rd party operations provider, Absolute, or a combination of parties dropped the ball. This looks like good software and much needed. It's too bad we paid for it for 3 years before we realized the value we already had procured.