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Endpoint DLP

Efficient tool for Data loss prevention and control

The endpoint agent is light weight and acheives the purpose of data identification. The performance and anaytics engine has a lot of room for improvement. The adminsitrative console UI is still in 90s and can be improved.

Endpoint DLP, Network DLP

Great product! Some expected and unexpected snags in implementation and deployment

DG Implementation has worked very closesly with us on a weekly basis from purchasing all the way to post-implementation. We are two quarters strong in weekly meetings, and we find this approach to be very helpful when rolling out a deeply imbeded endpoint technology. We had some mis-steps in understanding the versions and what endpoints would be covered. For example, while advertising that Windows 10 was supported, it was not specificed that anniversary edition was covered in the deployment release we were reveiwing. We did not find out this information until post-deployment, so this cost us additional time internally to remedy. Overall, if you can accurately describe your endpoints and what files are considered by the firm to be secured, their implementation team works their magic and tells you all policies are ready to test. This portion was easy to confirm, and as the MSP, we felt empowered to also use the console alongside the DG team. We have run into a few product issues related to our deployment, mostly surrounding the blocking of USB and Operating system versions and third party devices. If your firm likes to upgrade Mac OS when it comes out, expect the DG Agent to not work in the latest version. Also, be sure to have a deployment strategy that is scalable and takes the sensitivity the agent has with operating system updates. You will need to revoke admin rights from your user population on all endpoints and minimze risks like this beforehand. In addition, we are using USB blocking which can interfere with non-data holding USB devices, such as Clickshare, which is currently under investigation. The product itself is deeply embedded and you will need to have a strong test plan of your envrionment's scenarios.