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Salesforce DLP

simple easy to setup

fast and very help sales team. Demo product for 90 days went well great customer support

Endpoint Enterprise DLP, GTB DLP, Network Enterprise DLP

Implement is very easy and fufill our mainly requirement

The GTB DLP Suite was installed in less than 30 minutes and was very smooth. The User Interface is very intuitive and requires hardly any training. Policy creation is simple and effective for both Fingerprinted and Pattern data. We were able to detect Personal privacy data violations within 2 hours from Installation. The GTB Discovery in 5 minutes and all policy proogated automaticvally. Scans of FileShares were relatively fast. Overall experience is quire satisfactory


Easy to deal with. Quick to respond.

Easy to deal with. Quick to respond. Contract was done within a week's time. Company has a family feel to it, most likely because they are small. We really locked this thing down and that lost us the reporting funcationatly the way it was intended to be used. This caused a issue with the system. The developer who actually programmed it was on the phone that day and was able to fix it within 24 hours. Although not perfect, I wish every company could respond with fixes, improvements, and requested features as GTB. The fact that it can be done with in days or weeks, rather than months is really nice. We schedule to have the vendor onsite for 4 weeks, but we only needed 2 weeks. I am the Project Manager for the product. At first we did a evaluation and I was able to fully use the tool and run scans without a technical resource.

Dropbox DLP, Endpoint Enterprise DLP, GTB DLP, Network Enterprise DLP, Other...

Fantastic Customer Service

Customer Support Strong and responsive customer service and communications. Product Deployment The product is software based with a simplified deployment and lowered cost due to limited hardware requirements. Product Implementation The most difficult part of deployment was interaction with third party vendors such as outsourced Exchange and web content filtering. Software Use Configuration and adminstration is easy. Using the software as an end user did not present any major difficulties. Reporting Reporting is canned and slow. This is an area where I'd like to see improvements in the future so reporting can enforce compliance.


Less than 30 days from PO approval to real production, no need to train users.

The vendor is results focused.