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InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Enterprise

data classification, linguistic analysis, analytical capabilities helps to prevent threats

In our company specific terms are used in corporate communications. The ability to understand the specifics of our business processes was the master reason in choosing Infowatch product. We need to protect trade secrets and intellectual property, to reveal internal fraud is also vey important. Strong analytical capabilities of Infowatch Traffic Monitor coupled with in-built data classification and great technologies helps us to prevent real internal threats every day

InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Enterprise

The best industry oriented solution but long implementation

Main issue in implementation of InfoWatch solution was complexity of the business sector in general, in variety of documents and data, requiring protection. Here InfoWatch showed commitment to tailor the solution to our needs. We installed Transport Content Filtration Base to detect critical data of different qualities and categories. InfoWatch analysts helped us to tune the policies precisely using combined secured objects. Thanks to this we succesfully deal with internal threats.