Intel Security (McAfee)

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McAfee DLP

Implementation easy for core implementation, more time and work needed for outlyers.

Vendor was very responsive, we meet weekly or as needed. Issues were resolved in a timely manner.

McAfee DLP, McAfee Device Control

Implementation was difficult if you're not an existing McAfee customer

The build-out task was fairly complex. We first had to design and build out a global ePO infrastructure, account for WAN performance and latency across continents. For existing McAfee clients, this won't be a problem. Once built, we evaluated how we would deploy software to the endpoints. Internal decisions had us rely on other support teams responsible for software deployments. After seeing McAfee's ePO in action, the software deployment phase seemed very simple and friendly to use. We would prefer the McAfee ePO approach but are still battling internally to make the decision. Within the technology and support area, we've had numerous problems. With as few DLP policies as we are using, we have a constant stream of support issues. The response times from support are rarely acceptable, and that topic has been endlessly escalated to McAfee management. When you are able to get ahold of a support person, the response is sometimes unsatisfying. This week, I've had 3 calls with support. Two of them were answered within minutes and addressed on the same call. One of them was not. I suppose the moral of this story is "sometimes it's the failures that you remember most." But in general, we continue to have numerous functionality problems even with the most basic of DLP functions. Proper project visibility and Executive Sponsorship was critical to getting business buy-in and engagement. If you want to change how people work, the message needs to come from the right place!

McAfee DLP

implementation time was long

overall the deployment was sucessfull