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Symantec DLP, Symantec DLP Enforce Platform, Symantec DLP for Endpoint, Symantec DLP for Network

Implementation requires focus

The organization was ongoing a transition or a split in direction. They lost their way and some of the expertise in solving implementation problems.

Symantec DLP

Symantec DLP is the most mature DLP product and is in the best position for Cloud coverage

While all DLP solution in the market have their problems and draw backs, Symantec DLP offers the most mature solution with the best integration and roadmap. Kay acquisions with Bluecoat and Elastica are driving Symantec's DLP product to greater coverage of encrypted traffic (HTTPS) and Cloud Applications/Services.

Symantec DLP

Best overall DLP solution out there

End-to-end, Symantec DLP is the best solution for identifying non-public data, and monitoring/preventing unwanted transmission of that data off-network.

Symantec DLP for Endpoint

Endpoint Protection's ruleset allows flexibility for business compliance.

Endpoint protection from Symantec DLP has allowed us to monitor and block NPI from exfiltrating the company. It has been a noteworthy solution to our security program.

Symantec DLP

Rollout and end user adoptions was successful

DLP has been great to work with. It's a very mature product and offers supports across different OS versions.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Software

Provides all the necessary visibility into Data Loss protection

Reporting and monitoring was easy to implement management reporting.

Symantec DLP

use it to protect your PII data from leaving your network

They were knowledgeable, responsive

Symantec DLP

implementation was satisfactory

Very stable product. The product detects and blocks according to the rules implemented as aspected

Symantec DLP

Great product

No complaints.

Symantec DLP

Works as presented, Good support

Good support