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Symantec DLP for Endpoint

Endpoint Protection's ruleset allows flexibility for business compliance.

Endpoint protection from Symantec DLP has allowed us to monitor and block NPI from exfiltrating the company. It has been a noteworthy solution to our security program.

Symantec DLP

implementation was satisfactory

Very stable product. The product detects and blocks according to the rules implemented as aspected

Symantec DLP, Symantec DLP Enforce Platform, Symantec DLP for Endpoint, Symantec DLP for Network, Symantec DLP for Storage

Protecting Student Records by Innovating with new technologies

Worked with a motivated vendor to innovate integration with an encryption technology. Together, we pioneered automated email encryption using DLP technology in 2005.

Symantec DLP, Symantec DLP for Endpoint, Symantec DLP for Network

Straightforward implementation and superb customer service

The vendor has been very engaged and actively tried to help us with our strategic requirements. They are always on hand to provide support and their customer user groups also provide a welcome source of shared experience. I can't recommend Symantec highly enough. It is rare to see this level of customer support after a purchase

Symantec DLP, Symantec DLP for Endpoint

Implementation was easy

Good vendor to do business with, technology lacked some capabilties

Symantec DLP for Network

Highlights of Symantec DLP / Networks

Data Loss prevention higher, Data threat audit .. good results.. relationship with vendor exciting. Free deployment and price was right.

Symantec DLP, Symantec DLP for Cloud, Symantec DLP for Endpoint, Symantec DLP for Network, Symantec DLP for Storage

Implementation took to long, but it's a process and no technical issue.

The biggest issue was to work with the business as it was new to them. A better structure way to approach the business to get the information you need to deploy rules would be necessary. The technical piece went well except the Oracle DB scheme didn't follow our internal best practice which caused a lot of issues

Symantec DLP

Plan, Plan, and then Communicate to the orginization

we needed to make sure we had a very good project plan

Symantec DLP

Great start, resources diminished once implementation was complete.

Symantec was able to help us get everything deployed quickly and efficiently. It was a large deployment with about 12 different servers so we needed some extra assistance. Resources to our account team have been diminished since the implementation though

Symantec DLP

First rate support and service, growing abilities in scanning technology.

Vontu is a very robust product with feature rich capabilities. Their EDM policies are second to none. It will take time to get the false positive rate down, and coupled with data classification it is a very successful program.