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ZDISCOVERY, ZGATE, Zecurion Mobile DLP, Zlock, Zserver

When choosing the system we were looking for a multifunctional and easy to use tool.

We faced a very difficult task to choose and implement a DLP solution in complex infrastructure without compromising the stability of existing IT-services. At the end of testing we came to the conclusion, that the company Zecurion DLP will fit perfectly into our structure. In addition, the development of policies and setting solutions have been implemented together in a short time, despite the scope of the project. Now, when the whole system running and debugged, we can be sure that Zecurion DLP successfully protects the information from leaks.


Zlock has great advantages in terms of speed and quality among the similar products

Our company is always trying to improve the level of information security. Especially to reduce the risk of confidential information leak. We use products that are leaders in their segments. Therefore, we chose Zecurion.


Experience from vendor evaluation to deployment exceeded expectations

Zecurion is small and nimble - overall experience with Zecurion was excellent including attentive pre-sales and post-sales support in greater New York area. Provided full transparency of software roadmap and enthusiasitc about receving feedback to improve product. Senior management was available and proactively set-up meetings when in USA.