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Consolidation Software

User friendly with a strong support

User friendly application, reliable and with a strong customer support. After few months, all the users were almost indipendent! Totally recommended!!

Consolidation Software

after implementation we needs additional feature to complete the tool

The system works properly, speed up consolidation process and data analysis but the data entry is slow

Collaborative Disclosure Management (CDM), Consolidation Software

Implementation was not complex but additional features to complete the toolbox was needed

Very positive experience since from the very beginning (after a learning period of the various features) the application of the application made the process of measuring the performance of the company efficient and intelligible, facilitating the production of group reporting and analysis of the results.

Consolidation Software, Financial Performance Platform

After a settling period, we are now 99% independent

Very positive experience. After a settling period, we are now 99% independent. Numerous benefits in terms of efficiency and achieved results

Financial Performance Platform

Tagetik platforms offers great potential for your business, if you learn to use them well

Tagetik is an integrated solution for all your needs about performance management, Solvency II reporting, IFRS and much more

Collaborative Disclosure Management (CDM), Consolidation Software, Financial Performance Platform, Profitability Planning

Project was leading by vendor and 3th parts on time and without any kind of closure about

Internal team was involved in software selection and partner selection. We check other client installation to evaluate the satisfaction grade, then we chose

Collaborative Disclosure Management (CDM), Consolidation Software, Financial Performance Platform

Powerful modeling tools

With Tagetik we are fully re-building our "aged" custom solutions without writing a single line of code. The functionalities are so wide that it was a bit difficult to get the whole picture but now we are fully satisfied. Through its powerful modeling tools, we now can easily add calculation and reporting features.


Tagetk: My experience

Great application that currently is being used for Reporting. It is easy to use when used to the menu structure. But it takes time to understand where you can find all the options.


Implementation took time, still working out kinks but can see improvement!

Tagetik consultants are great to work with. While we had difficulties along the way during implementation there were always people to help us when we needed.


The system is wonderfully diverse and allowed me to integrate all business processes

Very capable software, has an awful lot of functionality that can be adapted to suit your needs.