Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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Amazon API Gateway

Implementation could have been quicker but overall worked out well.

Vendor responsiveness during implementation could be better.

Amazon API Gateway

Good experience with AWS

AWS worked great. I could spin up a server in minutes, but the high price and lack of customer support were stumbling blocks, and ultimately why I decided to go back to bare-metal servers.

Amazon API Gateway

Secure functionality through micro-services

We've just started investigating how best to leverage AWS' API Gateway. Starting with little experience, I was able to use several provided examples to create a totally serverless (and useful) web application. Experiencing how API Gateway, back-ended with Lambda, opens up several exciting use cases, including micro-services that will allow finely tuned access to specific AWS resources. As an infrastructure person, I struggled a bit to understand how to get started with the web front-end...Once I figured out "Mock Integration" was more than a simple placeholder, I was off and running. I'm looking forward to repeating this pattern to enable secure access for our application owners.