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Software AG CentraSite, Software AG webMethods API-Portal, Software AG webMethods Enterprise Gateway, Software AG webMethods Mediator

APIs and full SOA

Provided access to product's owner and development staff.

Software AG CentraSite, Software AG webMethods Enterprise Gateway

Strong pre-sales support and a genuine commitment to our success with webMethods

Vendor has been present and available from product selection and proof-of-concept to deployment in all environments. Vendor supplied resources to assist us in development of proof of concept integrations and API before we made our purchase decision. They have continued to support us not only through our service contract but also the original pre-sales architects have been available for immediate support and assistance in design and delivery.

Software AG webMethods API-Portal

Works well with middle-market customers, ridiculously responsive!

They made us feel secure in allowing our APIs to be exposed which in turn helped our leadership expand into deeper and more expansive areas of customer engagement.

Software AG CentraSite

implementation was quick and very easy

Easy to implement