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API Healthcare Time and Attendance

Implementation Smooth and with Employee Enthusiasm

API Time and Attendance is a system greatly assists with labor management while empowering staff by allowing them to bid on shifts, trade shifts with other staff within your given education parameters as well as self scheduling. The system has improved our labor costs while improving employee relations. API Time and Attendance was originally called Active Staffer and since we started with that name we have stayed with it to not confuse staff. They have an impressive Customer Support Desk providing timely assistance at any given time 24x7 and the Help features on the software are also very good. The system was easy to learn and to implement due to the careful project management provided by our API implementation team. The team came out periodically to work with us, but much was done remotely which was surprisingly smooth as well. We implemented this in one hospital at a time and had API in for the educational training and some consultation as needed. The staffing offices had 3-5 Super Users the first 4 weeks because many nurses are on various shifts and/or vacation and resolving issues expediently was important to overall employee satisfaction. We then backed off to our normal staffing office personnel. It was implemented for inpatient nursing at the 5 hospitals one by one initially. As we realized the great acceptance and enthusiasm for the product we then folded in the other clinicians in groups: cardiac, medical imaging, neuro etc. API has been great at offering solutions, architecture suggestions, customer support and training. Our employees are happy and the impact on labor costs and ability to run trend, employee & department productivity reports have been very pleasing for all of us.