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Product getting better and better.

This vendor is going through an evolution of their technology stack and functionality.


Improving systems in Banner 9

Solid Company


Great to work with, quick to resolve most process issues but slow to resolve bugs

From an IT perspective, I have found it challenging to resolve issues that tend to be complicated in nature. For instance, bugs found in the system are very slowly worked on and are not resolved in a timely fashion. However, on quick fixes or small issues, the vendor is great to work with. From a relationship standpoint, I have found all of Elllucian's employees very nice and pleasant to work with. From a licensing aspect, individual licenses are pretty expensive. One other area of frustration is the lack of immediate help. I must put a ticket in and wait for a response. There is no triage team.


Easy Implementation, Lots of help available on the forums

The integration was challenging. It was difficult to load all the legacy data into Banner once we had it. The vendor was very helpful with customizations. The Financial Aid Module and Account Receivable Module fitted the best to the needs of my institution. Financial Aid Packaging is done within Banner. We ended up not using the HR module of Banner as we already had Peoplesoft within the organisation. Banner integrated well with Peoplesoft. There are two interfaces: Banner Web and Banner Admin. Banner Web is mainly for students and faculty members and Banner Admin interface is for admin offices of Financial Aid, Account Receivable, etc. It supports different processes like recruitment, enrollment, graduation, etc. It integrates well with other Higher Ed tools like Blackboard, Luminous, StarRez, etc.


Implementation was as expected, but the technology and processes did not keep pace.

Currently, Ellucian's roadmap is varied. They have been unable to deliver on previous vision.


Overall satisfied with Banner ERP

Mostly satisfied with ERP fuctionality and and services provided by vendor


Banner XE Headaches

The vendor seems to have gone AWOL and leaving it up to customers to fend for themselves and figure out the path forward. Some institutions are choosing to continue along the Banner path, but many others are looking around for other solutions.


One of the best product in the Higher Education Industry

It was very nice working with the Ellucian. They were very helpful in the overall implementation of the system.


implementation was painful

The entire implementation process was chaotic. We never had a clear idea of where we were and how we were to perform certain tasks.


Very costly to implement.

Very expensive application, very labor intensive, and the mandatory Oracle data base is outrageously expensive. The Banner product is very old world and in need of planned upgrades over the next few years.