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Easy Implementation, Lots of help available on the forums

The integration was challenging. It was difficult to load all the legacy data into Banner once we had it. The vendor was very helpful with customizations. The Financial Aid Module and Account Receivable Module fitted the best to the needs of my institution. Financial Aid Packaging is done within Banner. We ended up not using the HR module of Banner as we already had Peoplesoft within the organisation. Banner integrated well with Peoplesoft. There are two interfaces: Banner Web and Banner Admin. Banner Web is mainly for students and faculty members and Banner Admin interface is for admin offices of Financial Aid, Account Receivable, etc. It supports different processes like recruitment, enrollment, graduation, etc. It integrates well with other Higher Ed tools like Blackboard, Luminous, StarRez, etc.


Implementation was as expected, but the technology and processes did not keep pace.

Currently, Ellucian's roadmap is varied. They have been unable to deliver on previous vision.


One of the best product in the Higher Education Industry

It was very nice working with the Ellucian. They were very helpful in the overall implementation of the system.


implementation was painful

The entire implementation process was chaotic. We never had a clear idea of where we were and how we were to perform certain tasks.


It's complicated but it does a lot!

For the most part good experiences but occasionally we have issues with the products and there are times when it's difficult to look at best of breed options vs built in options for expansion.


Powercampus was a Ford Fusion but has become a Ford Pinto

they are slow to innovate and improve the product. they are slow to introduce key changes based on customer feedback and societial changes


Understand what your needs are in a student information system before you buy

The student side of the system is a significantly more feature rich environment that the financial side. Coming from industry, ERP's for the corporate marketplace are substantially more mature and have more features. Understanding raw data for end-users is difficult due to lack of published data definitions and mappings and the complexity of the tables.

Colleague, Other...

Good product but implementation needed improvement.

Vendor lacked information on strategic design. Also was over committed on the installations.