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A well rounded, beautiful set of analytic features, but needs some API improvement.

This is a really great product, and the licensing adds a lot of flexibility for very low cost in aggregate. The API for injecting could use a little bit better documentation in some areas, particularly in Ruby, but works well. However, the API is currently limited to only injecting data as an already calculated time-series rate value. You can't insert raw counters from SNMP data collection, currently. This involved quite a bit more work on my part since I had to store the temporary data and run the calculations and then inject the processed result. Also, the building SNMP-python module is adequate but can behave slowly when there are a lot of metrics. The flexibility of the graphing dashboards is very good! Notebooks and Dashboards are both very useful, but based upon different code bases and not integrated together.


DataDog, Easy to implement, costly to scale

Great product, easy to implement, and let teams data mine/