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xMatters for targeted communication = less down/outage time.

Looking at other vendors in this space, xMatters is a leader in this space. They understood our needs and had a tool that replaced our existing. We did have to redefine our on-call process which was bad habits that needed to be addressed.


xMatters - Pros and Cons

Pros Ease of configuration Self service Cons Lack of control and access groups


xMatters - Have your teams manage their on-call schedules instead of the NOC

xMatters has saved our organization in both escalation and outage time. This allows us to make an individual take ownership of an incident instead of assigning to a team of individuals and waiting on them to choose whom will work the issue. This has also allowed our teams to setup their on-call schedules and temporary replacements in case of out of the office. They are consistently making improvements and take enhancement requests. Not all enhancement requests but we are excited that they may come reality.