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RSA Archer GRC Platform

Not an ideal solution for vendor risk assessment. Lacks reporting and KPIs

Its not an ideal solution for vendor risk assessment. Lacks reporting and matrix capabilities. It does integrate with other GRC tools and over all Info Sec work intake so we have to use it. Cannot import questionnaire from Excel or any other office tool. Exporting is also very limited.

RSA Archer GRC Platform

Implementation was challenging, but we were able to meet our goals.

Although the product is configurable and we tried to take out of the box solutions, we still have some challenges with implementation. The sales team did transition the knowledge of our requirements to the implementation team. The implementation did know have knowledge of many things of one that included if we had product demos. Archer does not do a good job of scoping the work to be done and aligning the customer expectation/requirements. In the end, it worked out, but not without some discussion. Where we had great success is that we had existing process and example of work that needed to be migrated from SharePoint or spreadsheets. We are now issuing an RFP for the second phase in 2017. Archer is getting out of the implementation business and we have found 3 TPP that can perform the work. Advanced Report generation and chart creation are challenging as there are some limitations which result in extracting to CSV/Excel.