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Security Scorecard Platform

A great and simple to use tool for vendor management!

Security Scorecard has been a great asset in our overall vendor management process. While it is by no means the only tool and metric used to evaluate vendors, it is definitely a good starting point as it provides a relatively quick snapshot into a vendor's overall external-facing security posture. From there, it is a matter of following up with vendors to determine wether the issues found by Security Scorecard are known and addressed. This service is also a great way to conduct annual vendor due diligence reviews as past scorecard history is shown for up to 6 months, showing trends in overall security for each vendor. The only drawback is that while most of the well known vendors out there have ready-to-access security scorecards already calculated, the smaller, lesser known vendors require up to a couple of days for a new Scorecard to be generated. While this is understandable, as Security Scorecard conducts a thorough individual analysis, it is sometimes urgent to check a vendor on short notice, but this is not a common occurrence.

Security Scorecard Platform

External security information as input to risk control

This vendor is a newer company, post startup, and is maturing rapidly, and provide a good general view of external technical risk.

Security Scorecard Platform

Implementation was very easy , security control domains should have been integral

Success team was very quick to resolve items during the initial phase, some basic regulatory or security domains were not included. Which improve the integration with reporting required during security evaluations of 3rd party

Security Scorecard Platform

Real time information vs antiquated one time questionairres

Very impressive collaborative work flowing with our 3rd Parties being evaluated. Also very useful in comparing our company to our competitors.

Security Scorecard Platform

Great experience!

Great experience