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Managed Firewall Service, Managed Security Service

Solution will work eventhough, Implementation is a hassle and frought with delays

To this point in time we still struggle with what has been portrayed as a simple managed solution, yet it is frought with delays and configuration aggrivations. Events that are templated and defined will still fail to implement properly, due to lack of trained resource on the Centurylink team. Once implementation is complete the solution works as expected.

Managed Firewall Service, Managed Security Service, Other...

Great DDOS partner. Excellent Firewall change control and monitoring.

They have been a good partner, particularly when it comes to DDOS mitigation tuning. Firewall change management has been strong. We haven't had many opportunities for firewall based NIDS alerts due to proprietary nature of our protocols. Group that handles firewall patches seem a bit removed from the customer, tend to have to negotiate better coordination through our assigned Client Service Partner.