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HPE Managed Security Services

Great tooling, but top-level executive commitments must be carefully evaluated

Very good people engagement, strong understanding of underlying product, challenges with CEO-level executives and service committments made that are untenable. Executives work hard to meet CEO-level commitments and placed value on our relationship. Account management very focused on the client.

HPE Managed Security Services

Static and limited in nature and difficult to alter for fit for changing threatscape

Difficulty in replacing/upgrading EOL equipment, cut over to vendor supplied products from legacy to next gen.

HPE Managed Security Services

HPE outsourcing

The transition to outsourcing was very well planned and anaged, however some challenges remain due to distributed matrix of services provided and intercomunications.

HPE Managed Security Services

Good service with oportunities in executive reports and leveraging to an add value service

Good past experience with HP, most of it with the support and operation of IT infrastructure.

HPE Managed Security Services

Overall a good service, but needs to uplift reporting and customer focused approach.

Coming into the role as a Service Owner, I had to rely on the vendor's cyber security monitoring expertise to make the service a success. In some instances, they have proven that they have resources with good technical capability; but in other instances - those that are more "management reporting" or "executive stakeholder management" focused - the vendor lacked the capability to demonstrate and fulfil the transparency needs to assure us that we have everything under control. Essentially - whilst they seem to be performing all the right things with the right people and skillsets, they do this without necessarily "marketing" and "reporting" that. This leads to a gap / concern on whether or not the service is truly providing us the value that we expected.

HPE Managed Security Services, Other...

Understand what you are procuring now vs. future

Make sure you understand that with this provider, rigitity is expected and ability to respond is lacking. Considering the amount of spin off's the company is undertaking