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InteliSecure helps customers implement new tools.

InteliSecure has been helping us since they were BEW and they always provide excellent support for our projects.


CAPP process has been easy & organized

At this point in the project, we are actively working with Intelisecure during the CAPP process and are impressed with the progress in the early stages. The project still has some significant way to go but we are impressed overall so far.


InteliSecure is committed to delivering a quality product.

InteliSecure has a definitive vision for their Information Protection program. The approach they take to identify assets and develop a cohesive program with input from information owners within the end to end processes and business functions show their commitment to delivering a quality product that addresses the need to develop people, processes, and technology. They are not a technology vendor, they are a trusted partner. InteliSecure has also demonstrated knowledge of technology for enabling information protection. They have demonstrated knowledge that is both deep and broad, they always seem to have the answers to questions or have appropriate relationships with their technology partners to quickly resolve the issues.