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Optiv Managed Security Services

Implementation was completed on time and without issue or outage

They had performed this sort of work prior, and that was something we needed in this project.

Optiv Managed Security Services

Overall, we are pleased.

Overall, we are pleased with our decision.

Optiv Managed Security Services

Services gap

Did not receive services we anticipated. Services received had marginal value.

Optiv Managed Security Services

Optiv needs to get their internal integration together quickly!!

The tool itself is good. However, we had many challenges with the different levels of their staffing model. While the sales person was extremely helpful, the frustratiion given where Optiv currently sits with its acquisition makes the service levels very difficult to manage. They also dont talk to each other and we have ahd to provide data multiple times and create similar tickets routinely. In addition, we were supposedly live for a month but for someone reason they werent collecting log or connected to us properly. Only when I asked after 3 weeks why no logs did they figure it out.


A security partner with a strategic focus.

Excellent Support and vision. The company values the role of a long term strategic partnership rather than going after just the next sale