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Log Management, SecureWorks, secureworks Managed iSensor Intrusion Prevention System

Excellant overall purchase - looking forward to a strategic partnership.

Overall, the product is excellant and saved us by not having to build our own SOC (and staff it). Some minor hiccups during deployment but that is due to salesguys not having the technical expertise.

Advanced Managed Next Gen Firewall, SecureWorks, Secureworks Managed IDS/IPS

Leave your Security monitoring to Secureworks

Excellent implemenation plan and training. Follow-up experience has been great as well. Management of security issues on website was very easy and minimal false alarms.


Taking "out of the box" parameters was the path of least resistance.

Taking "out of the box" parameters was the path of least resistance. Any deviation is a bit of a struggle. Our client acquired this service along with dozens more from the same vendor. Interoperability - or use - by other teams within the same managed services organization was apparently never done prior.

Managed Firewall

Practiced integration with good documentation

While the implementation was reasonable the actual monitoring value was not up to our expectations.

Managed Vulnerability Scanning, Monitored Server Protection, SecureWorks Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection, Vulnerability Threat Prioritization, secureworks Managed iSensor Intrusion Prevention System

Looking forward to implementation Q1 2017

Overall while working with the vendor during the RFP process and selection was very good. There was a few issues with obtaining references in a timely manner. I beleive this to be due to internal processes!

Log Management

Implimentation was very smooth.

Implimentation was very smooth.


Implementation was very successful and ongoing support of our environments is spectacular

The implementation was very successful. Getting all of our logs into their system took longer than expected. They provided some excellent cybersecurity metrics and really try to impove and streamline our processes and procedures. Very good in th threat management and vulnerability management space


Straightforward Implementation

Good experience: Vendor has mature onboarding process and assigned team members for support.


Powerful service for the skilled; however, less mature organizations may struggle to use.

Dell SecureWorks (DSW) is a global player in the SOC space with ample resources and experience. The experience my particular organiation had with onboarding and using DSW SOC was mixed; variation was based primarily on the level of maturity that my company's internal security knowledge and posture, the availability of non-english language support (not always available from DSW), and the quality of documentation available from DSW. Some common workflows were simple to understand and implement, while others were not well documented, resulting in extended implementation times. In cases where internal company resources were challenged to understand the deployment methodologies, there were higher-levels of delay and confusion due to DSW challenges with adequately communicating complexity and simplifying deployment workflows.

SecureWorks Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection

Implementation was easy, and easy to manage going forward.

Good vendor to work with.