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Managed Network Access Control

Easy way to stop external contractors from connecting to your network

Quick and easy to set up. Lots of help by the vendor and the 3rd party supplier. Created a lot of insight to the network and what was happening on a daily basis with external consultants coming in and connecting to our network.

Managed UTM, PCI Compliance, Trustwave Firewall Management, Trustwave Managed IDS/IPS

Implementation was well planned with pre-install meeting that explained the process.

Overall, my experience has been positive. They completely manage the UTM and will work with 3rd party vendors if necessary.

Incident Response & Readiness, Managed SIEM, Managed Security Testing, Managed UTM, Trustwave Managed Security Services

Flexible, cost-effective services and satisfied customer

Trustwave displayed remarkable flexibility throughout the evaluation, negotiation, and implementation process. Our environment is quite unique - covering data centre, online applications, and e-commerce requirements and we felt that the consulting staff and the sales process were tailored to our needs. Since implementation, we have had better visibility into security risks and events and are able to better respond to attacks and compromise. We are very pleased with the overall service and vendor relationship.

Managed Email Security, Managed SIEM, Managed Security Testing, Network Vulnerability Scanning, PCI Compliance, PCI Compliance Validation, Security Awareness Education, Trustwave Managed Security Services

Trustwave Managed Services

Overall we have had very good luck with the Security Testing Services (Penetration Testing), Spyder Labs is great at what they do and manage their time appropriately. The SEG (Email Gateway) is good, but some of the solutions do not have advanced features such as credit card filtering, all Trustwave does is look for patterns. SWG is a terrible product that needs more time in the market and serious investment. It took over a year to roll out the proxy and Trustwave still had issues with Macs. The SIEM tool is good but requires a lot of management. There should be more templates to get things jumpstarted. Overall Trustwaves delivery teams are terrible, overworked and not willing to engage with engineers when necessary. We had to have a customer service rep assigned to get things on the account live. Overall, Trustwave has the right idea, but they need to invest more in their online platform to bring it all together. Even on their platform reports don't run.

Managed Security Testing, Security Awareness Education

A dependable and reliable partner who deliver the goods.

A very good business partner. Trustwave works hard at maintaining a good relationship with all levels of my team, responding quickly to requests and questions. They have the global reputation to make the veracity of their reporting acceptable to all of our major clients.

Managed SIEM, Managed Security Testing, Network Vulnerability Scanning, PCI Compliance

Expertise supports our internal teams knowledge

Very receptive and knowledgable

Managed UTM, Security Awareness Education

UTM management

Overall guidance provided to support PCI compliance issues/concerns were well presented. Due to our geographical challenges being high latency satellite connections throughout northern Canada deployment and management of UTMs created a challenge.

Compliance Management, Managed SIEM, Managed Threat Analysis, Managed UTM, Network Vulnerability Scanning, PCI Compliance, PCI Compliance Validation, Security Awareness Education, Trustwave Firewall Management

Trustwave customizing their solution to our needs and delivered flawlessly.

Trustwave has partnered with us to customise their solution to our needs, been very professional and responsive and finally, their incident insurance policy puts the lid on the deal. They have a vested interest to prevent an incident. What didn't work that well was they were very compartmentalised and not all the branches were in synch with one another. That has been resolved and no longer experience that.