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Network Threat Monitoring, Premium Management / Monitoring, Verizon MSS Analytics, Other...

Lack of transparency for incident management and risk assessment

Global solution suited for the operatioanl coverage. Isolated support towers that reduce the effectiveness of the service

Network Threat Monitoring, Other...

Satisfied but concerns over innovation speed

The IDS/IPS and Firewall managament service works according to the requirements and expectations. From an overall reporting perspective and the way information can be retrieved from a security portal the progress of adopting imrpvements has been slow. Point of attention is also the turn over in the teams which support the customer.

Network Threat Monitoring

Successful Security Monitoring Relationship

Security monitoring provided by Verizon GNOSC has been successful and has provided us with a solution to a capability gap and allowed us to meet compliance standards. Additionally, the Verizon Customer Service Representative (Harrison Briggs) that is assigned to us is very knowledgable and responsive to our concerns and needs. Very positive experience so far!

Network Threat Monitoring, Premium Management / Monitoring

Great executive team turning a large ship

Great team with leadership that gives the right direction. Unfortunately that does not always translate down to the boots on the ground. Local support seems to suffer from lack of organizational direction information at times.

Network Threat Monitoring, Premium Management / Monitoring, Verizon MSS Analytics

Managed security services / Security Operations Center deployment is a start of a journey

Project based deployment, flexibility to deploy Security Operations Center for the first time in a company.