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Informatica MDM

Ease of use and scalability

The suite of data management tools enables ease of use and scalability.

Informatica MDM

powerful tool need a full data integration vision and capabilities

mdm hub with data quality tool integrated is a really powerful capability to deal with third parties in mdm. Informatica has also a big consulting network around the world to help us.

Informatica MDM

Disappointing, and we are still struggling to fully implement

Overall disappointed as the product is not as easily configured as we hoped. Our IT team have struggled to get to grips with the tool, in terms of translating our data model into something that can be maintained in the tool. Also, the internal security model of the tool is really disappointing: we can't make it work with SSO and we can't define the granularity of access permissions that we want.

Informatica MDM

Complex planning but easy implementation

Knowledgeable and responsive once we worked through the details of our contract.

Cloud Customer 360 for Salesforce, Informatica Customer 360, Informatica MDM

Powerful MDM solution with good supporting toolkit

Great product. Integration vendor was great after switching around some resources for more experienced staff

Informatica MDM

Implementation is never easy

The product has met our needs to this point, however it was more difficult to implement than expected.

Informatica MDM

Informatica; a great start but needs maturing

The vendor engagement was high and they provided expert knowledge and help to implement the solution. We did experience limitations in the software that could not meet all business needs/requirements and I would not say the GUI and user experience is up to par with current industry standards.

Informatica MDM

Informatica MDM 9.6.1 promised a lot but also required a lot of customization

The base product for MDM v 9.6.1 omes with a lot of limitation and requires a lot of customization. A proper implementation would have required to purchase the options or would have been to get the latest version 10.1 which was not an option for us at the time since it just came out in the market.