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webMethods Integration Platform

Powerful integration platform that will allow hybrid integration but not for citizen devs

Software AG webMethods is a very powerful and robust classic ESB platform. We have several hundred interfaces of all types in our Integration Server and it has been our primary EAI platform for almost 15 years. The need for an ESB doesn't really go away with APIs as you still need something between all the end points. I think webMethods is still a viable choice if you are looking for a platform that will integrate with legacy systems as well as APIs and the cloud. However, the learning curve can be steep if you don't have the in house integration knowledge to start. This is also a purely IT tool and not good for citizen developers.

webMethods Integration Platform, Other...

Strong Product Offering, Rock solid architecture and security, commitment to product.

So far satisfied with experience though not live with the product yet. If working with a global partner, would recommend bringing in SAG vendor themselves for architecture and high-level design. We did this and it has proven beneficial.