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Mocana Atlas Platform for MAM

A mobile application wrapper with that only works for very specific use cases.

Mocana had a real business use case that big companies have; management risk of mobile devices and mobile applications. Mocana promised that they can wrap applications with ease with specific security policies and deploy them onto any device. The vision was that we could wrapping applications with security policies with breeze, sign it, and deploy it- but it wasn't that simple. In order to wrap applications, our team needed an unsigned version of an application. For many third party clients, they were not willing to do this because it could allow someone to reengineer the app, sign it, and deploy it while calling it their own. Issues regarding intellecutal property wasn't the only problem. Signing an application after the wrapping an application was difficult. Many times our team faced issues loading applications onto a device. Android didn't require signing so it was easier to deploy apps on those devices, but with an organization with over 20,000 mobile devices, a majority were on iOS. The apple signing procedure is a pretty complicated process which requires provisioning profiles, certificates, and specific confirgurations to properly run an app. The Mocana wrapped app required special "scripts" to sign apps which changed everytime a new iOS version was released so it was very difficult to maintain the most up to date process. Overall our company spents over millions of dollars in this product and didn't get anything out of the return. We will not be using Mocana (Blue Cedar) due to the tremedous amount of complications are team had faced.