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Global Protect SSL VPN is an easy to maintain VPN solution

Palo Alto's SSL VPN solution provided our company with an easy to deploy and maintain VPN solution that worked with our existing Palo Alto firewall deployment. Global Protect has many different configuration options that made the product very appealing compared to our traditional Cisco IPsec VPN solution.


Global Protect might not fit too well.

Global Protect provides access to the internal network while you are away. The setup is very demanding, to say the least, you can opt to remember your settings, but if you change your password on the network without caching in your new password on your laptop, it can be a nightmare. The nightmare starts when your account gets locked up because your old password is stored by you opting to remember you the credential. Do yourself a favor and don't opt to remember your settings. You would need to provide your password each time you log in, but it is not too much. If your account is locked by Global Protect, the default time to release is 3 hours. That is not including your AD account status. Once you get through the hurdle, the VPN side is easy to connect and enjoyable thereafter.


Product is impressive, Mac client being improved

Palo Alto Global Protect allows us to create always-on VPN for our entire organization. This greatly increases our security posture. The product does a great job of combining security with a good user experience, such as caching credentials for a period of time to prevent constant logins. We did hit a few snags with the Mac client, which we worked with Palo Alto to solve. Upgraded versions and config changes were required to fix our issue.


Couldn't have asked for an easier more user satisfying deployment.

Very easy to deploy and very flexible features. We configured three globally diverse sites in our clients for performance based dynamic selection of the VPN destination. Users are amazed at how much better their user experience is after their switch to GlobalProtect from our previous vendor. They enjoy the always-on/automatic connection and never have to worry about manually logging into VPN. They are just always ON the network.


Great solution for a complex environment.

Good working with the vendor.