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Reviews for Online Fraud Detection Systems

What is online fraud detection systems software?

The OFD market consists of vendors that help stop the use of stolen data and information and not the theft itself. Vendors in the security market help stop the theft of data and information, some of which is eventually used to commit fraud if the theft is not prevented. OFD vendors detect online fraud as transactions occur, either in real time or near real time. OFD systems typically return alerts and results (such as scores with supporting data) to enterprise users (IT or business staff), enabling the enterprise to take appropriate follow-up action, such as: suspending the transaction if actual behavior is out of range with what's expected or if the user appears suspect, conducting further manual review and investigation of the transaction and user, as warranted, triggering automated identity verification, stepped-up user authentication and/or transaction verification to automatically determine the legitimacy of the user or transaction.

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