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Datawatch Monarch

data made easy

One of the best time saving programs out there. Makes data scraping easy.

Datawatch Monarch

Datawatch very effective for data manipulation

Reduces multiple lines of data into one. This allows for a more across the page reference rather than a hunt and peck for the data.The product is especially useful when you have real-time and/or time series data to analyze. If you have more mundane, simpler requirements, other products might do the job you need for less money

Datawatch Monarch

Convert, Save, Collaborate, Develop, Analyze, and Produce The Best Reports for the Best $$

Great vendor to work with in both getting information for the product, training opportunities for the product, and technical support for the product. In addition, excellent resources to assist in developing and fully utilize the product come for free, and the GUI is very simple, mostly point and click.

Datawatch Monarch

Monarch Implementation and Licensing Cost

Everything was fine until DataWatch changed their licensing terms. They moved away from concurrent to name based and that was a big cost for us. The conversion was also very costly

Datawatch Monarch

Easy to adopt, touch to use

Product rollout was very simple. Product itself is not terribly intuitive, but training is offered and recommended. This is a good option for a stop-gap reporting solution if you don't roll out Oracle Business Intelligence at the same time as your Oracle EBS implementation

Datawatch Monarch

Poor legacy product support but great program

We got the product we wanted and it workes great however we only purchased this product because the pervious version stopped working and they were not willing to assist in retrieveing the old licesnse because the software was not under support.

Datawatch Monarch

Powerful data mining Tool.

Customer service hasn't always helpful. Not for lack effort but for an inability to know how I use their product.

Datawatch Monarch

Preparing for the data driven future

We have had great success with using Monarch. There are facets of our processes that could not be handled any other way than using data mining and Monarch has been exceptionally useful.

Datawatch Monarch, Datawatch Monarch Server

Implementation was completed with minimal obstacles. Obstacles were quickly resolved.

Vendor easily converted our current processes to the new product.

Datawatch Monarch

An inexpensive analysis and reporting solution that uses existing data sources.

Monarch provides an inexpensive solution that uses our existing data sources and allows flexible analysis and reporting without the need to rely on I.T.