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IBM Cognos Analytics

Aging Technology

While IBM has provided a deep solution capable of complex analysis, the support for rapid deployment of data analytic solutions is lacking. Due to our size, getting IBM's attention is difficult. We've had the Cognos suite deployed for over 16 years and the tool is falling further and further behind its competition. We are considering a move to another platform.

IBM SPSS Statistics

Ease of use makes it top choice

There are a few good statistical packages, but I think that SPSS makes it pretty easy to edit the variable properties in the data view. It's useful for analyzing and visualizing data.

IBM SPSS Modeler

Ease of Usage and features

It has been great so far

IBM Watson Analytics

Product is OK but customer expectations were exaggerated by Vendor's presentations

The vendor is OK, the product is OK but customer expectations were too exaggerated by Vendor's presentations. We had to explain later that WA is not some magic which will tell you what to do without human interaction.

IBM Watson Analytics


IBM representatives are amazingly helpful and knowledgable. Gurvinder Ahluwalia, Dulce Ponceleon and thier teams have gone above and beyond to educate and team with us.

IBM Watson Analytics

Great Ideas - but they are still just ideas

Adoption of the tool was based on offerings of functionality to come. As we have moved forward the funtionality has not been met and we are looking elsewhere.

IBM SPSS Statistics

good for most of the analysis, but need improvements for working with big data

Great software for data analysis. User-friendly, up to date analytical models build in. Cons: a) the speed can become very slow or dead when dealing with large data analysis, b) expensive for the enterprise licence.

IBM Cognos Analytics

Analytics used Enterprise wide

This product proved to be good for amultiuser and good product support and supported huge enterprise wide implementation