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Upgrade went well.

Overall went well.


Good product stability and support

Provides good product support


Microstrategy Business Users Dream

Very user-friendly and and ease of importing external data is good. Business users really like the product.


Not quite what we wanted or needed. A black hole for time we didn't have. Not impressed.

MicroStrategy said that it would solve all of our problems. We have a small technology department and I was hoping that I could switch from application development into data analyst/data scientist full time. I found that it took quite a lot of time just to administer the application. It took a full week to upgrade it. To get it to work on the phone was a nightmare. Things that I thought should be easily done took a great deal of time to figure out. Third party vendors that used the product often took more than 6 months to set up something that they said they should be able to finish in days. Even MicroStrategy people couldn't figure out some of my seemingly easy questions. Ultimately, it's a cumbersome tool that doesn't offer insight. It will take full-time administrators to take care of it, which we do not have. It wasn't intuitive enough for end-user adoption to take off. The entire project fell on its face. Four times. Users wanted nothing to do with it and we even heard excuses like, "we thought that wasn't being supported anymore."


Implementing a data analytics platform in Healthcare

Robust platform, but difficult to custom tailor