Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

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3PAR StoreServ series

A very stable and reliable product that runs our mission critical business.

Excellent account coverage. They listened and provided exactly what we needed.

3PAR StoreServ series

Review For 3Par solution

The solution provided was sufficient for our needs.

3PAR StoreServ series

Proven product with easy implementation

The product was awesome and easy to install.

3PAR StoreServ series

Straightforward Implementation as long as everything is on HP's compatibility matrix.

We have been using HP 3par products for a little under 10 years. The 8400 is no different from their previous hardware in terms of reliability and performance.

3PAR StoreServ series

3PAR, a Unique architecture in its segment. Best for its performance and ease management.

3PAR is far good when you compare with other storage arrays in the same segment in the industry. As a storage manager, it has good features to deliver/customize the environment.

3PAR StoreServ series

3par all flash storage

All flash arrays are reality now. With the typical product lifecycle in data center (<5 years) we are getting much more performance today as compared to the storage units wer are phasing out. There were additional features that we were really interested in implementing (VVOLs, file persona) - none of which were working as expected (reliability is a key word here) or were simply not available.