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Nimble Software AF Series

Nimble is simple and easy to use

Great support

Nimble Software AF Series

Storage Made Easy, Support Experience is a Dream

For the five years we have worked with Nimble, through multiple implementations and upgrades, we have been consistently satisfied with their responsiveness and technical capabilities. While the primary factors in our initial purchase were price and performance, the primary factor in our continuing relationship has been the level of support we have received from the organization. This support is reflected in the InfoSight portal as well as the phone and field support representatives, both pre- and post-sale. As Nimble was very recently acquired by HPE, our hope is that HPE will realize the level to which Nimble's customer base values that support relationship. I have been led to believe that this was a prime motivator in HPE's acquisition of Nimble.

Nimble Software AF Series

Storage performance, once migrated, is great. Migrating is tough.

Encryption has worked well, recovery from network outage has not.

Nimble Software AF Series

Nimble, the best vendor we ever had. Hopefully HPe can allow this to continue.

During the implementation and to this day, Nimble is one of our most trusted vendors. They are always eager to help us, not sell us something new. This is not the normal behavior and it has been refreshing to see this notion become reality over the years. Unfortunately they were recently aquired by HPe, which we are incredibly worried about. So may parts of Nimble felt like a small company, which made them great. I truely hope that HPe keeps their promise to leave the Nimble support team as they were.

Nimble Software AF Series

Implementation was easy and the support is great. Hope the HP buyout does not kill them.

Excellent experience from the initial sales cycle all the way through final implementation. Very responsive to questions and calls for assistance, both technical and non-technical. Implementation was very fast, completed in just several hours on a Saturday. Data migration went very easy and was completed over the next couple weeks, one VM at a time.


Nimble is Incredible

Everything went GREAT. Questions answered pretty much immediately.

Nimble Software AF Series

Nimble is truly a nimble storage solution

Nimble is a great company to work with and have solid product. This is why HP bought them. I hope this will continue post merger.

Nimble Software AF Series

Nimble delivers what they promise!

Nimble was great to work with. They are always available when help is needed and went out of their way to make sure we were satisfied.

Nimble Software AF Series

Great Hypervisor storage backend.

The implementation of this the Nimble product was very seamless. The only issues with Nimble are support older systems or niche systems (AIX, HPUX) The operation of the product has exceeded expectations, the analytics capabilities allow a hybrid array to outperform some older pure flash arrays.

Nimble Software AF Series

Great Product & Support.

Really good management interface, can monitor pace and performance easily. Infosight helps plan future needs.