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Fast, reliable, and easy to manage all flash storage.

The Pure storage arrays are fast and reliable. We have encountered some limitations in the codebase around snapshots and replication, but Pure has been working to address these with new releases.


Pure storage

Pure has a good customer focus and helped us achieved part of our goals.

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Implementation was easy and professional support was impressive

The solution consultant is very professional in helping us to learn the features to better manage storage use. This is very different from other solution vendors that aim to get more money out of you. We encountered the situation that our storage is about full again, and the sales was trying to sell us new storage while its solution architect that helped us to implement the solution was asking us if we have tried the feature to clean the cache of storage. The support was really professional and help us to learn how to better leverage the solutions (storage) we have on hands, and make us feel the ROI is fully utilized and solution itself (though pricey at first) was cost effective in the long run.

m Series

Pure Storage is just about everything they say it is. We look outside for the flying pigs

The technology is outstanding and the customer service is top-notch. The experts involved with our education are among our most trusted.

m Series

It was very smooth implementation including testing, planning and deploying...

It was very smooth implementation including testing, planning and deploying...

m Series

Company and products live up to there advertised expectations

Pure storage has always been spot on with assessments. Pure also has been very responsive and are not so large that the questions get lost in the mix due to organization complexity. There support is probably the most pro-active I have seen to date, in regards to remote monitoring of the arrays and working with the customer to resolution.

m Series

Implementation was quick and easy with the out of the box features

Pure discounted the price of the array to make it feasible to purchase on a limited budget. The shipping and install were very quick and implementation was a breeze.

m Series

Works and performs well, replication is a bear

Overall pleased with performance and day-to-day provisioning. Replication is still more complicated and a much higher RPO than desired.

m Series

Highly resilient, stellar support and Crayola simple to operate block storage flash array

We started out with all flash arrays quite by accident. We were not in the market for a low latency block storage system at the time (2013) although when we compared the cost per TB, we found that the Pure all flash array cost was on par with our incumbent storage vendor’s top tier product. Pure is customer focused…as much after the sale as before and we see this in the support mechanism where it’s on-shore and proactive. We were a traditional big 3 storage vendor shop and for something new to justify the hassle of change, it can’t just be 2 or 3 times better. We tried every possible combination to break the Pure array, pulling and swapping drives to unplugging SAS cables…everything we could think of short of pouring water into the system, and it continued to operate as designed. Other relevant points: Does not require specialized training to operate, 15-minute setup and 100% native API. We started out with one Pure array in late 2013 and now have 14 of the M series arrays globally. We’ve been through eight+ code updates since 2013, all non-disruptive and completed under production load. No more forklift upgrades, maintenance open stays flat and the systems design modulates the CapEx spike over our 5-year asset amortization cycle. Three array model upgrades completed while the system was online and under load.

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Exceptional Implmentation

The Pure Storage solution seems "too good to be true", but Pure is very confident in their product design while proven to be the true leader in flash storage. We converted from our current storage solution to Pure Storage in about 2 hours without a single issue, disruption in user functionality, or system latency. Being in the healthcare industry patient care is the utmost importance and Pure has helped our organization provide a solution that will optimize performance and allow clinicians to provide optimal patient care.