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Tegile T series

The best partnership we have in the industry!! Thank you Tegile.

Tegil has been a great asset to our infrastructure. There extensive training programs and unbelievable knowledge of their product and the storage as a whole they have invested in us as much as we have in their product. Our performance and understanding of it are light years ahead of where we were before tegile.

Tegile T series

Running for over a year, still looking for a negative

There is no additional license to purchase for added functionality, it is all included with one price. The vendor came on-site to assist in the install. A day of training is also included with the install customized to the business setup.

Tegile T series

Moved from EMC and never looked back!

They were willing to work for our business

Tegile T series

Set and forget

I've been very pleased with Tegile From their sales process to implementation and to ongoing maintenance and support of the device. In fact, it's so bulletproof, that I forget we have a T3100 array!

Tegile T series

Implementation was easy.

Great SAN Solution. Easy to use. Recovers from power outage withoug data loss.