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Oracle Transportation Management (OTM)

Oracle Cloud- late to the SaaS party but still able to be an impediment to your success.

Complete lack of flexibility in terms of having control over environments. For example, after adding an additional environment it was provisioned within a completely different identity domain than our original two environments. This makes administration unnecessarily difficult and the naming convention applied to the new environment is confusing to our users and developers. When asked to reprovision the subscription into our original identity domain we were informed this was part of their "standard scripted process" which implied "go pound sand." it seems that Oracle is completely disorganized in how it presents and supports Cloud solutions. They have a team of people known as "Customer Success Managers" who are very happy to suggest things you can do help improve your chance of success, however they have no authority to actually DO anything on your behalf. As such, the CSM is little more than a physical implementation of an FAQ page. It took more than three weeks of waiting on the Cloud engineers to implement a VPN connection for us. Oracle even asked us what THEIR IP address range was for the purposes of setting up this VPN connection. After making a change to a default unit of measure, the OTM application required a restart. The restart required and SR. The SR took more than a day to complete.