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LogRhythm UEBA

Interface is good and support is always available.

Not knowing the product when starting at Herff Jones, but found it usefull when working with support.

LogRhythm UEBA

Straight forward deployment. No connectors for some of our log sources.

The deployment was straight forward. We had professional services purchased from our reseller who was extremely knowledgable and got the system up and running pretty fast. The biggest part for use was getting the log sources integrated. We have a combination of agents and syslog feeding the tool. The AI and analytics have been an eye opening experience compared to the solution we replaced. We did run into a few log sources that LogRhythm doesn't have connectors to process. We've submitted the information to LogRhythm and its basically a demand type request. If a lot of people demand the connector it gets priority. You can also pay their professional services team to develop them for you.

LogRhythm UEBA

LogRhythm is an excellent tool and really improved our alerting from numerous log sources

Outstanding appliance (SIEM), with really intuitive features and capabilities to fine tune alerts and other traffic analysis, to include log management.