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BeyondTrust Retina CS

Beyond Insight Management interface not ready for prime time

We are deploying Retina Scanners in two projects. This project is the Agent based scanner (and my review is limited to the Agent), the next is the Network scanner. The agent deployment was problematic in the network load it produced when the agents first connect to the central console. This put the program back a month while Beyond Trust fixed the problem (which they did by doing delta signature pushes instead of pushing the entire signature file). The remainder of the Agent deployment was straight forward utilzing SCCM and went well. The BeyondInsight Management console is fraught with usability issues and anomolies. The anomolies can be classified as: -Configuration changes not showing up where they need to -Attribute data being lost (very repeatable) for no apparant reason -Scanning a group freezes the UI, sometimes for hours -Job listing is inaccurate in that scheduled jobs are not present, phantom jobs are present, the counters are off. - Uninuitive flow for visualizing scan groups (must navigate three or four windows to get the picture) And then there are the simple things...like rows per page not sticking when preferences are saved (other preferences stick), and information (such as counters on the bottom of the window) that don't map to anything that I can figure out. It says "0" In Progress, but the jobs page says 13 Active Host scans. And by the way, when I click on the 13 Active scans, the window displays 8 scans. There are also issues like 206 out of 73 agent(s) scanning. Not sure what that is about, there are only 73 agents in that group.

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BeyondTrust has been an amazing company to work with, their level of customer service and technical support has far exceeded our expectation from the people all they way at the top to the ones assisting with resolving small technical issues.