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What is Access Management?

Access management applies to technologies that use access control engines to provide centralized authentication, single sign-on (SSO), session management and authorization enforcement for target applications in multiple use cases (e.g., B2E, B2B and B2C). Target applications may have traditional web application architectures, native mobile architectures or hybrid architectures. Increasingly, target systems include APIs. Smart or constrained devices with or without human operators may be incorporated as well. Applications may run on the customers' premises or in the cloud.

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"Perfect and secure Access management solution"

The Okta Single Sign-on tool is always available for us to enable us to focus on our work rather than remembering passwords. As I am working in a very complex environment where we have to manage a lot of accounts and applications at the same time and remembering these passwords isn't possible that's why we have implemented this robust tool. This makes it easier for us to access all of the SaaS and PaaS apps quickly without going through the lengthy sign-process on every login. This tool is almost needed by all of my company's departments and is a crucial component of our company.

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"AAD can reduce complexity and is one of the most innovative IdP solutions available"

We decided to go with AAD as our central Identity Provider for Workforce IAM and are quite satisfied up to now. It provides definitely the most advanced strong user authentication methods in combination with Windows 10 (passwordless - WHfB, FIDO2, Authenticator sign-in) to create a real password-less authentication journey for our users. On the other side, as we are also leveraging O365 services, we need AAD in any case, therefore to reduce complexity in the whole authentication architecture we decided to consolidate IdPs and MFA providers and have no federation in place anymore. Furthermore the SLA goal of 99,99% availability now makes it fit for business critical applications too (since the SLA changed to 99,99% we did not experience any big issue). The only bad things to mention are that possibilities for session management (get overview of users with current valid tokens with information regarding applications, invalidate given tokens, ...) should be improved definitely and support can be improved. Integration with applications leveraging SAML 2.0, OIDC or OAuth 2.0 is very simple and also a lot of resources and documentation for developers exists. What we are currently missing is a solution for authenticating legacy on-premise applications (needing header-based authentication) without routing traffic over the cloud (therefore AAD application proxy is not suitable as all traffic is routed over Azure). Microsoft points out to use partner solutions for this scenario which they call Secure Hybrid Access, but if AAD would bring some access gateway for legacy on-premise applications out-of-the-box that would be a great enhancement too.

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"Convenient and secure access management tool"

OneLogin Trusted Experience Platform is a safe, flexible, and intelligent identity platform. We have connected all of our applications to this OneLogin Trusted Experience Platform, to discover possible threats, and respond to these threats quickly to stop illegal access to our applications. OneLogin Trusted Experience PlatformTM effectively not only manages our on-premises applications but also public and private cloud applications to keep them secure and provide unrestricted and quick access to our potential customers and employees. We have configured this in all departments of our organization so we get quick and secure access to our applications.

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"A leader of passworless secure IT infrastructre"

Reliable way to improve your IT infrastructure security by zero -trust. We are very lucky to start this project before Covid-19 Pandemic after start using of product we can give home office permissions to our user's without any problem in mind. We have use product with Office 365, Oracle Cloud, Fortinet Vpn and local critical servers and managers computer logon for now and planing to integrate many other system in future.

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"Ping is the best in class solution for SSO"

Ping Federate / One has been in use to enable SSO for many of our core and mission critical systems for years. Ping Federate / One has historically been very easy to use and dependable. Ping as a vendor is also very responsive to our needs and their employees are very skilled.

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"Identity management solution - Auth0"

Auth0 is a powerful, easy to setup platform that quickly enables security and authentication for enterprises. The stand-out is the support from the Auth0 team, which is exemplary. They make sure enterprises have implemented the right solutions for their needs. In fact they advise on best practices in user authentication and evaluate the level of security that we provide to our end-users.

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"Currently using the Windows version, but it's really useful"

It is a program that prevents you from losing it. Simply copy the numbers that appear on the screen and paste them into the session start screen. The numbers that appear on the screen change with time, but no errors have been detected even after a long period of time.

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"Review for Outstnading Service delivered by Idaptive"

It has been a remarkable experience working with the fantastic services provided by the vendor. The overall delivery of the services is very smooth and I really appreciate the kind of services and efforts being put in to make the products a complete success.

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"DevOps infrastructure provides long term value"

Upgrading to the new DevOps stack for access management has been a process that was well documented. Support services was also well aware of any troubleshooting needed during our testing phase. Being able to run in the cloud rather than our data center has also positioned this platform to meet our needs over the long term.

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"Secure and reliable Access management platform "

Working in a manufacturing company there is usually many clients who more often buys our commondities.Due to this high number of clients,we needed a secure access management platform to be able to easily manage customer accessibility in to our company.We therefore implemented Secureauth Identity Platform for it is a very easy to use tool and very secure .This platform gives the user a freedom of implementation since am able to it on or hybrid hence makes it very available to many clients according to their implementation preference.

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"P14C - An excellent IAM for end-users"

We are implementing Ping one for Customers as our central CIAM solution. It's been a great experience working with the Ping One team. They are very responsive, accessible for any product related questions, feedback and ideas. They were able to provide us with detailed insights on how to solve some identity related flows, provided us with examples too. Compared to other competitors they are very accessible.

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"Okta MFA - top of class experience"

Okta's MFA allows end users and admins alike the functionality to easily access applications over multiple possibilities.

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"Excellent access management"

Okta is a very robust service for managing A/A. There are a huge amount of applications available with documentation and the API is robust and easy to implement. From the view of the administrator who has to manage policy it has all of the controls you need and they are easy to use. Integration was quick and easy too. It's a strong product.

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"Great MFA solution with amazing partnership"

Duo is an amazing partner for our organization and their product in a front runner in the MFA space.

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"OAM 12c moving on-premises experience to cloud"

With latest version I feel product is more API driven where a lot of automation is possible and minimum effort from operation perspective is needed.

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"Good product that can integrate to any systems to manage authentication"

To allow the help desk to manage the rest of the organization seamlessly, Our whole company uses Symantec VIP Access Manager to implement robust 2-factor authentication for VPN and extranet connection purposes. It helps us a correct both standard 1-factor VPN security vulnerabilities and other accessibility vulnerabilities. For us, VIP Access Manager is a very easy to use platform and it facilitates us up to 5 simultaneous separate devices per user and a backup temporary security code. also it allows us to see connection reports and change credentials in minutes. With the browser based interface, there is no configuration on the back end of any software that needs to be installed before one of our technicians can work. In the cloud, where there is no traditional corporate perimeter, this solution fills the void. Through Symantec VIP Access Manager, We can set policies that use the built-in user directory or existing identity management infrastructure to strengthen application security and compliance without compromising productivity, and also, to facilitate multi-factor authentication to our remote users. that is to say that it will allow us to authenticate users when they try to connect to the internal network when they are working remotely, and this is the advantage we like the most of this product. Symantec VIP Access Manager is an excellent next-generation control tool that integrates single sign-on (SSO) with strong authentication, access control, and user management.

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"A robust Web Reverse Proxy that can do so much more"

We use IBM SVA ( V.10) reverse proxies for managing AAM on our on-prem SSO access. This product is extremly stable.

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"WSO2 Identity Server for consolidating Authentication needs"

The Identity Server is a truly exceptional product being able to handle all the authentication required for many application systems. OIDC and OAuth2 is easily configured without the need to write additional codes. One of the strength is it's extensibility being able to integrate with existing authentication mechanism used resulting in seamless integration.

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"Tremendous cross-protocol access management tool."

We've used NAM to federate all our major SaaS applications including Microsoft, Google, Adobe, as well as reverse proxy and load balance all our internal systems. Tremendous toolbox item. Upgrades are simple.

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"Holistic and neutral solution for IAM and Device Management"

JumpCloud is the only solution which can provide an authoritative directory, an IdP for SAML and device management combined in a single unified SaaS-based solution. The neutral approach by serving well established standards such as LDAP, SAML and RADIUS for AuthN/AuthZ and having the capability to managed identities (user and their devices) and credentials including SSH-keys on devices is a true differentiator to competitive solutions. On top, JumpCloud's agent for devices enables broad and versatile capabilities to deploy software, configure endpoints and even use this for remediation purposes. Recently, extremely useful additional capabilities have further enabled the value of this solution. Broad insights about systems and the directory itself, consumable via UI and API's, not only helps IT admins in their daily operations, but also serves well for Information Security and GRC-related purposes such as auditing and compliance. Their API's have also enabled capabilities to better orchestrate and automate the on-/offboarding of users and their respective devices and gives good options to venture into ChatOps. New features related to MDM for macOS are now giving an opportunity to further simplify the overall management of the Apple-flee. Especially since macOS Big Sur, the stronger focus on MDM is another enabler.

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