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What is Adaptive Project Management and Reporting Tool?

Gartner defines APM and reporting as a process flow, a set of behaviors and a set of supporting technologies that enable change management and enhanced operability of detailed project execution activities to support the technology needs of project managers and individual contributors. APM and reporting is primarily delivered as a cloud-based service and may include on-premises components. For this Magic Quadrant analysis, the PPM submarket of adaptive PM and reporting technologies must be able to operate independently of SPM tools and connect when necessary to share critical information.

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"I can't imagine work before using (and I don't want to!)"

The Monday team have always been friendly, approachable and knowledgeable - happy to jump right in and think outside the box to come up with solutions to complicated issues or workflows. From management to the customer service team, you are made to feel like a VIP. I have always been able to approach the team with any workflow or method and been able to upgrade, optimise and improve the process using both the Monday platform and the teams expertise. Every meeting with the team leaves me feeling excited for what else can be built using The platform already has an incredible range of uses and features, but Monday seem to always have their eye on the horizon, looking at what else they can bring to the table. Its a fantastic platform run by an incredible team.

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"Smart sheet is new way hacks to ease work"

I could see the smart sheet ease the way we collaborate with in teams. We can create a groups and provide permission whenever it is required. Enabled the sign in with Microsoft/google account to authenticate the users from a company. The smart sheets has more user friendly UI to perform the actions to create/update/share with groups instantly and plan the work has fetched us more time to work on other aspects. The workapps, workspace features helps to create a sheets in a hierarchy and maintain for the projects in folders and sharing it with the team. the solution center has many predefined templates for building the skeleton & it has options to pick from the departments like General management, IT, Human resources, marketing, product development and many more options. It supports to add many add-ons and integrate with smartsheet.

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"One of the best project management tools that's constantly evolving."

Asana is a powerful tool that adapts to our needs. While it's powerful and flexible, it also has a high learning curve for new users, and I'd like to see Asana work on a way to make their UI/UX more intuitive for new users.

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"Wrike Has Made Project Management Simple!"

Wrike has helped us eliminate numerous spreadsheets, provide real time updates, manage multiple projects as well as automated reporting! Our implementation support was fantastic; very detailed and helped us tremendously. We have not only saved time manually updating multiples spreadsheets, we have not missed task like we were before Wrike!

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"Project Manager for Almost Everyone!"

In a word we have Amazing experience with Workfront! Workfront has more flexibility and reporting capability compared to the other project management platforms.

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"Seamless management of complex enterprise projects and resources"

Previously known as Innotas, is an offbeat project portfolio management tool. Helps get a clear view of project, associated deliveries and the outcome at every stage by providing time and expense tracking, reporting or exporting datasets in other Enterprise Solutions, integration with other tools, collecting, managing prioritizing and executing critical projects. Ranked in Top 3 portfolio management tools in its category.

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"Flexible software with powerful reporting"

They know their stuff and they were the only vendor that let us evaluate the product for a really long time. Their support has been helpful and responsive.

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"Easy to use. Everything a PM, RM or Executive needs for successful project management"

Excellent software, easy to use and delivers everything we need. High quality Customer Support, friendly, fast and competent. Reporting and analytics is greatly improved due a capital investment received by KeyedIn and it clearly shows in their current reporting capability plus their product roadmap. Development listens to the voice of the customer as we consistently see customer submitted feature requests become released in the tool.

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"Unique, modern, and straightforward "

unique and groundbreaking tool with modern and agile approach

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"Powerful PM software with clear and intuitive user interface"

+ Fast deployment + High usability and quick onboarding possible + Good support and training, fast responsivness of support team + Software enforces clear focus on essential PM tasks

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"A Fantastic Tool for Diverse Organizations managing both Complex and Simple Projects"

We are a business with 30+ project management organizations across every continent with several different project-types and products. Planview Clarizen has provided our business with an exceptional platform for every diverse organization to find benefit suitable for them.

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"Innovative project management tool with density reporting"

One plan has been a leading resource management solution used for many project teams in the organization. The integration is supported in many individual webs and HTTP-based system services.

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"I appreciate R&D works and the communication and presentations of the versions"

In my role of PMO the governance of the project portofilos including the widgets Timeline and the Last Flash report of the projet is now generalized on our ISD organizations. Time registration is carried out by all users Demand management and Resource management (allocations) inherent in the evolutions of thes fucntionalities (Version 6.1 -> 7.2) currently used sparingly will be deployed more. Stage & Gate and Risk management will be implemented soon

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"Great set of capabilities for a smooth project management "

Project Objects has a composite solution to have all the key aspects of project management. The configurations and workflows can be easily fine-tuned to business requirements. The program, portfolio, and project management. The product can be hosted in-house or as a SaaS. The overall performance of the application is smooth. Reporting feature has a vast number of capabilities and reports of different formats can be swiftly generated.

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"Good cloud based project management tool"

This tool becomes very useful in COVID pandemic situations as it supports cloud based project management. It gives access to multiple users and also able to manage different access levels to individuals. Easy to integrate other data tools and create customized reports in various formats such as excel, html, xml, etc.

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