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Adobe Analytics (Adobe Marketing Cloud)

Implementation was easy, and the data is valuable.

Great working with Adobe on Analytics. Great product with a great roadmap.

Adobe Analytics (Adobe Marketing Cloud)

The tool is amazingly powerful and Adobe was a great implementation partner!

Well: Very talented and capable within the realm of Adobe Analytics and DTM. Helped build a global blueprint and roll it out globally. Provided great consulting. Not Well: Expensive and don't have any pharma industry experience

Adobe Analytics (Adobe Marketing Cloud)

Worth the effort in the end, but implementation required diligence.

We transitioned from IBM/Coremetrics. The primary reason for transitioning was the lack of support we received, and Adobe was clearly the market leader--far out ahead of where Coremetrics was at the time. Adobe provided training for the front-end of Analytics, which made the transition easier but most of the issues that I encountered as a user of the data were in the realm of data quality. My understanding is that the implementation of Adobe Analytics is not foolproof, so lots of QA is still required before it can be considered stable.

Adobe Analytics (Adobe Marketing Cloud)

We felt like we were handholding the vendor on their beta test with a client

we had several integration issues and response from vendor was slow and sporadic

Adobe Analytics (Adobe Marketing Cloud)

Not for Small Businesses - Requires a Data Team to Set Up and Manage

Much like Salesforce, the system allows for significant customization of the analytics platform to conform with the business goals of the organization. The opportunity to customize creates significant opportunitities for data driven analysis, but also puts the responsibility in the hands of the user group to develop the correct data architecture - a challenging undertaking.

Adobe Analytics (Adobe Marketing Cloud)

Easy to develop and update libraries, lots of toolboxes are available

Capable of generating customized reports, graphs, setting up threshold, page view tracking, active user and ideal user definition can be defined. Analysing results based on stakeholders requests. Easy access logs and system reports

Adobe Analytics (Adobe Marketing Cloud)

Need to clearly align client and vendor processes to focus on narrowly defined scope

Aligning internal processes with vendor processes. For example, setting strategy and KPIs internally and developing the project brief, and then working with vendor to align on scope of work and budget. A lot of energy was spent on the former only to understand the scope of work could not accommodate internal timelines or was over budget.

Adobe Analytics (Adobe Marketing Cloud)

Adobe provides an industry leading solution for digital customer analysis.

Adobe provides an industry leading solution for digital customer analysis. The integration of their cloud is very powerful and aligned to our strategy.

Adobe Analytics (Adobe Marketing Cloud), Other...

Implementation was challenging but we were able to overcome

Great support from support team

Adobe Analytics (Adobe Marketing Cloud)

Robust reporting capabilities that require dedicated support staff

The analytics platform has provided in-depth reporting capabilities allowing our teams to make data-driven decisions to meet stated or desired business goals and objectives. Having the robust set of features does make it necessary to have dedicated analytics staff to create and manage reporting functions.