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Alteryx Analytics

Easy implementation and immediate impact

Alteryx was easy to learn, and made immediate impacts. It has significantly improved the development time and efficiency of our data solutions.


Alteryx makes it very easy

Easy to use interface, worked well for the tasks we had in mind.

Alteryx Analytics

Great tool for data blending

Alteryx offers the ability to deliver actionable insights by seamlessly incorporating internal company information, cloud data, and third party data in a single workflow.

Alteryx Analytics

Provides better solutions and user friendly to use.

We are using this product to structure the data for reporting and for analysis. This product has been very handy for ETL jobs too.

Alteryx Analytics

Easy to install and use, but limited capabilities

Was easy to install and use, but limited capabilities.

Alteryx Analytics

Implementation was easy and product is really useful for our purposes

We were able to acquire the necessary trial licenses for advanced features of the software. The vendor was supportive in providing them in a timely manner.

Alteryx Analytics

Implementation was smooth but has robust resource requirements for performance

The implementation went smooth and the product satisfied the needs of the niche users.

Alteryx Analytics

Growing knowledge base and ease of use.

Intuitive to learn and growing knowledge base online. Product even has tutorials to help understand how to use Alteryx more efficiently.

Alteryx Analytics, Other...

Easy to adopt; difficult to scale

Our deployment of Alteryx performs well in the self-service analytics capability. Easy adoption for analysts is an additional benefit. However, there are pitfalls when it comes to deploying larger and more complex analytical models on the Alteryx server.

Alteryx Analytics

Cutting edge analytical tool that is easy to train

Easy to understand workflows. Good collection of analytics libraries and training availability