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Dell Statistica

Amazing Tool.

I like the user-friendly UI. The free academic edition for students is a big plus. The semi-drag and drop interface is very easy to use, and very beginner friendly. The tool is very easy to learn and master, with very little knowledge of statistics. Report generation is also very easy

Dell Statistica

Implementation was Easy

We are in a POC stage but the roll out was pretty easy as compared to SAS

Dell Statistica

The total cost of ownership of the product is very competitive.

Technical and customer support is great. The total cost of ownership of the product is substantially better than other products.

Dell Statistica

Very smooth deployment

very responsive organization from a customer service perspective

Dell Statistica

Easy GUI to execute analytics with great ability to integrate with other application

Love the drag and drop GUI & automatic evaluation of model fit. Great customer service & support from account manager

Dell Statistica

Excellent, easy to use data mining software backed up with great customer service

I have always appreciated the open platform that Statistica uses. Most tasks can be completed with the built in functionality of the GUI interface, but I like the option to use Statistica Visual Basic macros to control the software. The workspaces make it possible to create repeatable processes without knowing any coding language. I like the integration with R and am excited to try out the new Python scripting capabilities. I really like the automated data preparation functionality. Overall I feel like Statistica helps me be more efficient in solving problems. The customer service has always been excellent.

Dell Statistica

Good product, great company.

They have excellent customer service, and they expose the algorithms to a VB code space to build custom processes.


Dell Statistica

Dell Statistica has enabled process monitoring and continuous improvement for highly regulated Biotech industry.

Excellent technical solutions experts that eased the implementation process significantly. Sales representative was invested in us.