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Powerful statistical tool that will take R for a ride

Excellent pre-sales support. Efficiency goes down from there as overall PMR (ticketing system) is only adequate.

IBM SPSS Statistics

SPSS Statistics Standard Is Great for Survey Data Analysis

The sales/renewal experience can be cumbersome, althought the software is great for survey data analysis. In trying to renew my license last year, I lost my customer ID from the prior purchase, and IBM was unable to locate the relationship without this information. They weren't able to look within an entire organization to see what had been purchased.

IBM SPSS Modeler, IBM SPSS Statistics

Implementation was easy, but wait-and-see on additional training costs/effectiveness.

Successful stand-alone installs (3 licenses). Had to purchase training from provider for tool and other self-guided training offered by 3rd party vendors at a cost.

IBM SPSS, IBM SPSS Analytical Server/IBM SPSS Analytic Catalyst, IBM SPSS Modeler, IBM SPSS Statistics

Great Out of the Box... Slow for Full Build

Becoming more efficient at using product. Less flexibility to create custom runs.

IBM SPSS Statistics

SPSS Statistics is a Robust Tool, but Implementation Falls Flat.

SPSS Statistics, once implemented has worked as planned. The tool offere robust features for conducting analysis on our data and providing reports to our clients. The download and implementation process, however was a bit convoluted. We are a very small enterprise and thus appeared to be directed into a general support pool for implementation issues instead of a dedicated resource. E-mails would arrrive with instructions that seemed to contradict previous commmunications.

IBM SPSS Modeler

Strong, User-Friendly Interface

IBM has many knowledgeable data scientists on their pre-sales team, but you have to push them in order to get that level of service once you've purchased the product.

IBM SPSS Modeler

Modeler will do everything I require and more.

Full support and assistance in showing product features that would accomplish our required tasks.


Robust and reliable software

The software itself is very robust and reliable. The sales/technical support can be challenging to reach (they seem to go out of their way to NOT provide contact information), but they are knowledgeable and helpful ONCE contacted. Worse, our internal software purchasing department is EXTREMELY difficult to reach and obtain help from (which is NOT IBM's fault).

IBM SPSS, IBM SPSS Statistics, Other...

IBM SPSS Statistics - useful, to a point.

The software is 'easy' to pick up and use, if you have existing familiarity working with data. Useful and specific documentation on a wide variety of topics is available from IBM - from software configuration through algorithm functions. The methods available to an individual analyst are somewhat limited compared to other open-source options. The ability to 'paste' the steps of a point-and-click operation to syntax is useful for generating syntax files to run at later dates, however, the proprietary syntax language is less than a joy to work with. Difficult to use results generated via syntax as input within an analysis pipeline (OMS system). Complex data preparations and analysis are difficult to accomplish, and taxing on system resources. Graphing options are limited without adapting the 'grammar of graphics' into your syntax. Beware of the proprietary format required of T-SQL queries!

IBM SPSS, IBM SPSS Analytical Server/IBM SPSS Analytic Catalyst

Reatively easy implementation. Still exploring full capabilites.

Overall it was pretty satisfying installation and rollout. Few bumps in road but IBM helped us to get over them effectively.